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Court of Appeal Requires Strict Compliance with CEQA 30-Day Public Notice Requirements

The California Court of Appeal, in Latinos Unidos De Napa v. City of Napa, 196 Cal. App. 4th 1154 (June 27, 2011), held that the City of Napa (“City”), which filed a CEQA Notice of Determination (“NOD”) with the County Clerk’s office, did n… Read More

DTSC Releases Draft “Green Chemistry” Regulations on June 23, 2010

On June 23, 2010, DTSC released its anxiously anticipated draft regulations implementing AB 1879, the 2008 Green Chemistry Initiative law intended to “accelerate the quest for safer products.” California Health & Safety Code section 25252 (AB… Read More

California Supreme Court Holds that Public Entities May Retain Private Counsel on a Contingency Fee Basis to Prosecute Public Nuisance Actions in Certain Circumstances

COUNTY OF SANTA CLARA et al., Petitioners, v. THE SUPERIOR COURT OF SANTA CLARA COUNTY 2010 Cal. LEXIS 7241 (July 26, 2010) The California Supreme Court has held that public entities may retain private counsel on a contingency fee basis to prosecute… Read More

California Supreme Court Upholds Strict Interpretation of CEQA 35-Day Statute of Limitations

On April 1, 2010, the California Supreme Court held that even if there are alleged flaws in the decision-making process underlying a CEQA notice of exemption (“NOE”) and the project approval, the 35-day time period in which to file a lawsuit chal… Read More