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ELG wins a Writ of Administrative Mandate for client in Marin County

On September 19, 2016, Marin Superior Court Judge Paul M. Haakenson granted judgment in favor of ELG’s client, the Point San Pedro Road Coalition (“Coalition”), on its Petition for a Writ of Administrative Mandate (“Petition”). (See decisio… Read More

EPA Releases Draft Vapor Intrusion Guidance

On April 11, 2013, the EPA released draft final vapor intrusion guidance (“Guidance”) for assessing and mitigating vapor intrusion pathways from subsurface sources to indoor air. The Guidance presents EPA’s current recommendations for identifyi… Read More

New EPA Policy Re: Bona Fide Prospective Purchaser Benefits for Tenants

In December 2012, the Environmental Protection Agency (“EPA”) adopted a new policy setting forth the conditions on which the agency will consider providing CERCLA bona fide prospective purchaser (BFPP) protection to tenants who lease formerly or… Read More

California Passes AB 1442, which Defines “Pharmaceutical Waste” and Authorizes its Transportation by Generators or Common Carriers under Certain Conditions

A pharmaceutical waste hauling bill, AB 1442 (Wieckowski), was chaptered into law on September 29, 2012 and went into effect on January 1, 2013. AB 1442 amends California’s Medical Waste Management Act (MWMA),[1] to define “pharmaceutical waste… Read More

DTSC Issues Ninth Draft of Proposed Green Chemistry Initiative Regulations

The California Department of Toxic Substances Control (“DTSC”) recently issued its ninth draft of the Green Chemistry Initiative regulations (“Regulations”) with the final rules expected later this year. The following are six key changes set… Read More

ELG wins Summary Judgment for CNA in Asarco’s $33M CERCLA Contribution Claim Suit

On June 6, 2012, U.S. District Judge William Alsup granted summary judgment to ELG client CNA Holdings, LLC (“CNA”) in a CERCLA § 113(f) contribution suit brought against it by Asarco LLC. COURT ORDER Asarco filed the suit in 2011 against CNA, a… Read More

Court of Appeal Requires Strict Compliance with CEQA 30-Day Public Notice Requirements

The California Court of Appeal, in Latinos Unidos De Napa v. City of Napa, 196 Cal. App. 4th 1154 (June 27, 2011), held that the City of Napa (“City”), which filed a CEQA Notice of Determination (“NOD”) with the County Clerk’s office, did n… Read More

SWRCB Releases Draft of New Storm Water Industrial General Permit

The State Water Resources Control Board (the Board) has released its draft NPDES Industrial General Permit (draft Industrial General Permit). Under the federal Clean Water Act (CWA), discharges to waters of the United States are prohibited unless in… Read More

10th Circuit Holds That EPA May Change Tentative Interpretation of Regulation without Following Procedural Requirements of the Administrative Procedure Act

In United States v. U.S. Magnesium, No. 08-4185, the 10th Circuit United States Court of Appeals addressed whether failure to comply with the notice and comment procedures of the Administrative Procedure Act (“APA”) precluded the United States En… Read More

EPA and DOT Propose To Regulate Greenhouse Gas Emissions For Heavy Trucks

Responding to a Presidential directive to take coordinated steps to produce a new generation of clean vehicles, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) announced last week the first ever national… Read More