About Edgcomb Law Group, LLP

Diversity Statement

At Edgcomb Law Group, LLP, we understand the value of diversity at our firm and in the legal profession at large. We believe that a diverse workforce enhances the quality of our workplace, and improves the quality of the services we provide our clients. The diverse backgrounds of our personnel promote varied perspectives, thereby enriching our practice of law. We are committed to enhancing diversity by ensuring that fairness, respect, and professional opportunity for all is integral to our recruiting, retention and promotion.

Climate Change Efforts

Edgcomb Law Group, LLP is committed to addressing climate change. To reduce our firm’s impact on the environment, we have teamed with the American Bar Association and U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s Law Office Climate Challenge. Our partnership will help combat global climate change by reducing our energy use and reducing waste.

We’re committed to improving the energy performance of our office space, purchasing ENERGY STAR qualified equipment, and collaborating with our building managers and employees to be better stewards of the environment. We have implemented “best practices” for office paper management by reducing paper usage, increasing recycled content and increasing recycling.

Pro Bono Work

Promoting Open Space and Livable Communities

Edgcomb Law Group, LLP is committed to helping local environmental non-profit organizations devoted to protecting open space and promoting livable communities throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. Our attorneys have volunteered pro bono hours to several organizations dedicated to these issues.

Solano Land Trust
Solano Land Trust is a non-profit organization dedicated to the preservation of agricultural lands, open space, and resources in Solano County, California. Edgcomb Law Group, LLP was named a “Business Partner In Conservation” with Solano Land Trust. Business Partners support Solano Land Trust’s mission to protect open space and farmland because of their contributions to Solano County’s quality of life.

Greenbelt Alliance
Greenbelt Alliance is a non-profit organization dedicated to protecting open space and promoting livable communities throughout California’s San Francisco Bay Area. Edgcomb Law Group, LLP attorneys assist the Greenbelt Alliance with helping cities and counties adopt policies to prepare for future growth while preserving the greenbelt and stopping wasteful sprawl development from paving farmland, worsening traffic and air pollution, and contributing to climate change.

Bar Association of San Francisco

Edgcomb Law Group, LLP attorneys are active participants in several of the Bar Association of San Francisco’s volunteer programs.

Law Academy
Edgcomb Law Group, LLP attorneys participate in the Bar Association’s Law Academy, a program that encourages and increases career opportunities for disadvantaged, ethnically diverse students in San Francisco. Attorneys assist junior and senior high school students with learning basic legal concepts as well as interview and job skills, which prepare them to join the workforce directly out of college. The program gives students an opportunity to discover their personal strengths and develop career goals.

Barristers Club Volunteer Events
Whether it is helping the Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy restore native plant species in Chrissy Field or serving food to the homeless at Glide Memorial, Edgcomb Law Group, LLP attorneys are frequently out serving the community in partnership with the Bar Association of San Francisco’s Barristers Club.

Eviction Defense Project
The Bar Association of San Francisco’s Volunteer Legal Services Program participates in the Eviction Defense Project – a program offering legal assistance to tenants facing eviction that keeps individuals, families and children safely housed and off the streets of San Francisco.